Prayer for a Child of God

Dear God and St. Jude,

I Praise and thank You for all that You provide to us each day.
I humbly ask that you put the Armour of God upon this good man who has served you well over his entire lifetime. I ask that you protect Leonid and protect him in his battle with alcohol and his battle with potentially grave consequences of misusing alcohol in his life

. He faces loss of his job and his position and his ability to earn a livelihood. He is needed by his family to be the breadwinner(his children and his parents) and he is the sole source of income for himself. He is a good man,who has served you well ,he has a cultural addiction to alcohol and should be treated not punished.

Please do not allow him to loose his ability to earn a living and to serve you through his skills and his God given calling. I ask that you protect him ,be merciful,and provide him with the best attorney possible to protect him from punishment/do not allow his punishment to be more than probation,with no suspension or revocation of licensure.I ask also that he not lose his job

.I ask this intervention in the name of Jesus,God the Father Almighty,ST. Jude and all the saints
Merciful Father deliver this good man from his peril now and in the future.

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