Prayer for a change of heart for my love

by As ()

I have been in a relationship with a non Christian for 18 months. When I first met him he told me that he believed there was a god but was unsure about what it all meant. I believed that I could show him the light of The Lord and draw him towards God.

Gradually things have become difficult and we find ourselves arguing about religion and what it means for our future together, he says that he no longer thinks there is a God and can’t understand how God could be loving with all of the pain and suffering in the world.

I pray that God would give me the strength to remain strong and that my boyfriend would see the light of God shine through me, that the Holy Spirit would change his heart and I would see a breakthrough in his life and our relationship. I also pray that God would fill my heart with softness and hope. For God is mighty and powerful and he can move mountains.