Prayer for a Change of Heart and Mind.

by MT (Texas)

Dear St. Jude,

I come before you and God with all my faith and hope that you please help me thru this difficult time. Comfort me in my new loneliness and give me patience in this time of need. I ask you to please help Jason A.C. to find the right words to speak to me again. Grant me your guidance and inspiration to reunite us.

Help him to work thru his differences, soften his heart, and let him see things in from a different perspective. Help me to win back the affection and intimacy we use to share and let him be not afraid to have a relationship. Inspire him to see the truth of my heart and the beauty in me, with all that I have to offer. I miss being apart of his life and I miss sharing mine with him. It saddens me that we apart at this time, but I pray for strength each day in hopes that he will return.

I ask you to please rebuild and bring us to be one heart w/ equal love for each other, making us stronger than before. St Jude, please intercede with God and grant my plea to reunite me and Jason, soon, with your blessing always.

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  1. Do not worry

    NOTHING is impossible to God. Pray the Rosary every day and attend Holy Mass whenever possible. Prayer is the answer to everything. God has set a time for everything. Just keep praying and God will reunite all of you with your spouses. God Bless.
    -An anonymous friend and prayerkeeper

  2. Divorce

    I am going through a similar situation my husband left me 8 months ago. I miss him terribly and really want him to come home.

  3. Praying

    I will pray for you. I’m going through something very similar it sounds like. I wish we could talk…

  4. I miss my girlfriend were we suppose to get married

    I ask St Jude to reunite with her , I miss her alot and iam becoming restless , she should change her mind and look at in other perspective and help me to win her back in my life and give me strength and positive attitude in waiting to return her back. Help me to reunite with her and rebuild the relationship and equal love between us.

  5. Salvation

    My boyfriend and I been dating over 9 month we planning on getting married but he did some things that I don’t agree on example:cheated, drugs, alchol, and went back to an ex an slept with her. We back together an trying to work things out but it hard cause you dont deserve to be treated like this. Pray for a change of heart, mind, that God will convict his heart,and salvation. He need to be true and honest about things.

  6. Please pray for my ex

    My boyfriend of a year recently broke up with me, some what out of the blue. He struggled throughout our relationship to fully allow himself to embrace the relationship because of past relationship trauma he hadn’t worked all the way through.

    After the initial shock of the break up I prayed that God please take the pain from my chest and give me peace. Ever since that time I have been peaceful, calm and overall confident that things would work out between us.

    I ask you all pray for my ex boyfriend and help him work through whatever personal demons he needs to work through to allow him the ability to move forward in his life and love. I pray that things between us can work out for the better in the future, but even if they don’t I hope he is able to work through the obstacles he so fearfully runs from. I pray God can grant him courage and strength to do this work on himself and move forward in his life.

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