Prayer For a change in my situation

by Mrs Joy Nwachukwu (Abuja, Imo, Nigeria)

Dear Father,

I feel so broken, so sad, so alone…I and my husband have tried for so long but nothing works for us now everybody have hate us for no reason and my husband have being looking for job sometimes now but no job . People abound us no help for anybody Father I ask why me, why you turned away from us.

Please My Father do not hide your face from us please my Lord I and my husband need your help provide a better job for him. And make this 2014 to become a blissful year for me and my family.
Please MY God help me and my family please my Lord answers our prayer and change our story
So please do not be silent anymore Lord, do not stand by and watch as I gradually wither away like a flower in the desert, instead rise up oh Lord and answer my prayer, rise up Lord and change my story, give me these things that I ask of you and Lord I will be forever grateful and mindful of your help and I will praise your name all the days of my life.

In all Lord let your will be done, and give me the strength to accept it.