Prayer for a brother with a heroin addiction

My brother just witnessed the birth of his son Adrian a little over a month ago. He was in recovery from a heroin addiction and was being watched by child services so that he could be around his son.

About a week ago he relapsed and is now not allowed to be near his son alone. He is now back to using everyday and me and his family are very afraid of him overdosing. He believes he is worth nothing and that if he can’t see his son why should he live.

But drugs are taking control of his body and mind and make him believe in these selfish irresponsible uncontrollable thoughts that are not of God. Please pray for him that he will get the courage to get help and be healed from this painful addiction and disease.

I don’t have the words to know what help to ask for or for what to pray. But I just pray that he can get better for his own good and to be a good father to his son. Just like our Father in Heaven and Jesus.

In Jesus precious, pure and Holy name, I pray. Amen.

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