Prayer for a broken relationship

by Pam (Atlanta,GA)

Lord I ask that you heal and restore my relationship with B. I am asking that his heart be softened and guided back to me. Help him to find the passion for us again and let go of the resentment that he has due to the last few months which have been hard and difficult. Please allow him to be fed with the feeling of forgiveness and second chances. Please help us to understand each other more and communicate more effectively and without judgement. Lord, let B come to me and want to rekindle our love soon and I ask that God you move something inside of me that allows me to become more meek and less challenging. God release him of his stubbornness and remove people in his life that do not have his best interest at heart. Let our love overcome this trial and we rise up to raise our child(ren) together in the unity of marriage. Forgive us both for our pettiness and lost of self control. God Bless us with love, peace, joy, and stability.

In the name of Jesus I pray,


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