Prayer for a broken relationship

by Jennie (Michigan)

Dear sweet Sacred Heart of Jesus, Look upon me and take my intention I ask, and please look upon me with compassion. Please guide my love back to me. I have asked You to show me who is the man I should marry and You brought this man into my life. I truly believe that he is my one and true love. Turn toward me then Dear Lord, and please turn his heart back towards me. Remove whatever wall is barricading us apart. Please let him open his eyes and step up to the plate of maturity and realize how much our love really is. Take away any resentment, fill his heart with love and forgiveness and compassion. Please let him communicate with me and break away the chains of selfishness. I truly believe that you will listen to my prayer dear Lord. Guide us both, so we can come together in the sacrament of marriage so we can continue on to become a family who will praise you and grow our children in a Godly loving manner. Please bring my love and my best friend back. With much love I trust that you will do what is right for me. I give it all to you Dear Lord, do with me what Thou wilt. Through Our Lady and the Angels and Saints pray for me.

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