Prayer for a broken marriage

by Deborah (United Kingdom)

Dear Lord i am grateful for all the gifts that you have given to me in my life. I come to you now as your humble servant who is in need of your help and i know that you are an almighty God that is capable of granting the most impossible of miracles. My husband is struggling with many stresses in his life, consequently he felt unable to continue in our marriage. I love my husband dearly and i made a commitment to him in the name of God. I am a good and loyal wife who is unwilling to abandon my marriage vows and i am willing to fight for my marriage. Dear Lord i ask that you open my husband’s heart so that he may rediscover his love for me, guide him back to my side wherer he belongs and give him the strength and wisdom to deal with his responsibilities. Father i ask that you heal his mind and body so that he can be the husband, son and brother that he wishes to be. Guide him to the path that will assist him to achieve success in all that he does. Guide us both to the path that will help us to realise our dreams of having a happy marriage, loving family, success in our careers and charity in our hearts so that we may help those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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