Prayer for a broken heart

Dear God ,

My girlfriend Chloe and I had been fighting a lot after she left for Paris
She decided to put an end to our relationship because she couldnt handle the pain and the fights
I am now constantly in pain and my heart is broken into pieces, I am incomplete without her
I feel selfish asking you to fix our relationship when people are losing their loved one due to death.

You know I wouldnt ask you if I didnt really mean it and if my feeling werent strong about it
Please Lord may you bless my relationship and may Chloe and I learn something from this break up.

Dear God, I loved her to death and Im realizing how ungrateful I was when I had her in my life
I wish I was wiser to accept the things she said instead of arguing back.

I wish I was wiser to tell her how much I loved her and missed her instead of fighting with her
I wish I had known how to love her better the same way you love me and all your children
I pray that you teach me how to be wiser and how to express my love.

Please Lord bless me with your knowledge of love and teach me your wise ways.

Dear God, Chloe is coming back in 2 days, I pray that you end up this break up and reunite our heart
I pray that you make us both realize that we are human and we make mistakes we dont mean.

I pray that you make her realize that I still love her very much and I want to keep her happy
You let us fall in love, please let our heart be reunited once again upon your grace.

I pray that she call me one night and tell me she wants to work things out one more time
Please Lord, soften her heart and let her forgive me for what Ive done
Dear God
Thanks for everything you had accomplish for me, thanks for my family and friends.

I know I ignore you sometimes because Im rebellious but I do have love and respect for you all the times.

Please Lord gives me courage to survive this difficult moment. I never meant to hurt anyone.