Prayer for a Broken Friendship

by Hester (Gainesville Ga Usa)

Dear Jesus,

Please send this message to God. My best friend Robert, he is very upset at me an feels that I have broken his trust and I betrayed him. I know in his heart that I hurt him and made him feel like I was ignoring him.

I feel so aweful about it. I didn’t know until it was too late and I feel very sad. I keep getting pains in my heart and I know he is still hurting badly from it but doesn’t want to say anything. Jesus I love him to death and never meant for any of this to happen, I got confused by what he was telling me and misunderstood what he wanted me to do. I miss him so very much.

Please put peace in his heart and soften it so that he may forgive me for my wrong doing. Please put peace in my heart and help me to not have anxiety over this situation.

I know my friend needs time to heal and I will give him that time, and when he is ready to forgive me please let him let me know.

I want to thank you Jesus for all the things you have provided me and all the wonderful things you are about to bestow upon me. Thank you for the new job with more pay the roof over my head the clothes on my back and enough food to fill my stomach.

I also want to pray for my aunt that has cancer please help her to not be in pain and to help her get well or to take her home with you. Also I want to pray for my friend Shannon to be able to stay on track with her weight loss and help her to find a great job soon. One more person please help my good friend brandons cousin Candi have a safe and healthy delivery and a healthy baby.

In jesus name our lord and savior

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