Prayer for a broken friendship

A while ago I had a person with whom I thought was one of my best friends. But through other peoples jealousy, and bad influence we lost trust in each other and our friendship got terribly broken. There were a number of rumors, gossip and very bad misunderstandings between us.

We hadn’t spoken for a number of months..We are now slowly starting to speak and I pray that the mending continues on a positive note.

My prayer is that my friend realizes I’m not a bad person and many of the things that were said were untrue and or misunderstandings. I valued this person as a friend and want nothing more than to rekindle that friendship.

I have been praying for this person to see the truth and to give us a second chance. I’ve also been praying to help me be a better friend and to never give anyone a reason to not trust me.

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  1. Friendship

    i am currently facing this right now and It hurts me dearly because i do believe in frienship but evil people opinions have come between us and now i am alone with him. Pray so that God intercedes and continues to work in us

  2. Exact Experience!

    This sounded like something I wrote! I was betrayed in a deep and unexpected way…lies, misunderstandings, gossip, and such. I feel these situations get to a point where only God can help! My situation is beyond my control. When I think of how everything happened, I can really become very angry. I don’t see things ever being restored. It would take a miracle…literally! I pray your situation is healed!

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