Prayer for a Broken Family

by Maria (Gainesville, Fl. US)

Oh, Dear Father, Please give me, my husband and children the strenght, patience and love that is needed to repaired, heal and comfort all the pain and tribulations we have been going through, as well as I ask you beloved Father for all the Families that are under trouble circunstances. Please return my Husband to us whole, compassionated, loving and caring, a good an patient father, so my children can feel and find the comfort of his love. Dear Father, please keep the woman who destroy our marriage and family away from our lives, bless her Father and show her another path to continue with her life.

Beloved Father please touch my children heart and mind so they can feel the love and warm of your blessing touch. Give me the strenght physical, mental and spiritual that I need so I can heal. Give my husband the light and wisdom to keep our family together, touch his heart and mind so he can feel the love and light he needs. Please open the door of a job for him. Thank you Lord for always being there for me and help me to get up when I have fell down and when my soul is crying, thank you Dear God!

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