Prayer for a broken and unsettled heart

by Alex (Canada)

God, my heart hurts, my mind is unsettled, and this surrounding darkness seams to be filled with an unsettling presence of sadness, defeat, and despair. Father I ask that you not give me strength, but that you walk with me over the next few weeks and guide me.

She is no longer at my side, and it hurts… the courage i need to know what step to take before she leaves… i know that only you will give me the answer.

father, i ask that you walk with me.

– Be my eyes- allow me to see the true beauty that you hold
– Be my ears- all me to listen to the messages that you may need me to understand, and allow me to enclose myself in proper silence, in my mind, and soul. For i know that, only in silence do you speak to me lord.
-Be my hands – allow me to lend a hand when and where i’m needed.
– be my feet- walk with me and allow me to walk in the places that you have set for me.

keep me safe lord… i don’t want to feel this way anylonger, i need you at my side.

in your name jesus christ…. Amen

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