Prayer for a brighter more God filled hope love and faith future for me and my family

by Christine (Birmingham,Alabama, USA)

Good Morning. Let me start by saying that I am number 7 out of 8children. My mother and father are gone home to be with Jesus. I have one younger sister who is 29 years old. Please help me to pray to God this prayer: None of my sisters or brothers have graduated high school or gotten a GED or gone to college and gotten a degree. I want to be like mom to them. I want to enter college and receive my master’s degree. I want my brothers and sisters to have a happy joyful hopeful loved filled life. I don’t want any of my brothers or sisters to live in poverty. That’s why I’m going to enter college and graduate. I want to focus on God and my family. Jesus I love you and could you help me? I’m 33 years old and I’ll be 34 in 2 months. And I recently had major brain surgery which caused me to have a stroke. They did not offer me therapy so that I can get my speech back and my left side mobility back. So God I’m praying to let a therapist help me get my mobility back. I tried once and they said that medicaid would nor pay for it if it’s been past 90 days. Can you please pray that I find and be able to afford some health insurance that will be able to pay for my physical therapy and occupational therapy. My dream is to have an office job and be my best self.I pray that I will be able to put my high heals on again and makeup,earrings,and lipstick on again. My prayer is to love God and his son Jesus to walk before me and make those things happen! In Jesus precious and Holy name we pray AMEN.

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