Prayer for a breakthrough in my life

i am a little sad most of my days. i am praying and not really seeing my prayers anwered. so my prayer request is for a break thruogh in my life. i desire a home 4745 hairston crossing stonemountain ga 30083.

I desire that home for me and my children for wen they come home to me. i desire a car to transport me where i need to go. i desire a good paying job where i dont have to stand i would love to work in data entry a job that pays 15 dollars and hour.

Also, i desire for the hurt and pain thats in my heart to go away so i can be happy again. i truly need a break trough in my life. I need a miricale and a blessing please pray thanks.

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  1. I need a break for my broken life

    I want to hate…but don’t want to hate anymore. I want my financial burdens to plague me no more. I want roots upon the calm waters of my wooded pond and the peace it would afford. I want to gift all who have helped me go forth with my life and cry upon the shoulders of those I have wronged. I want the companionship of love and children but fear my solitary life has bound me to loneliness. I want my cat and dog, whom have been my rock before death, to know unending joy within stable shelter. Above all else, I want to be free from this life I live and die with all well in hand. Do I need a miracle? No… I need the courage to accept this life that God has cursed upon me and leave fate within His hands.


    i need a breakthrough in my life. i’ve been looking for a job but cant find one. my family is strugling financially. both of my parents passed away and theirs no one whose looking after us. i’m hoping for a miracle. i trust in God that he will pull me out of this situation soon and shame the devil. i want to see God’s promises being fullfield upon my life, i now he’s faithful. he will never live me norforsake me. please help me in prayer. i dont now which way to turn to anymore

  3. God is always with you

    I hope all your desires were met. Our God is so able and capable of all things.

    Be blessed

  4. Job seeking

    I need breakthrough I have been applying but no response for job. Please pray with me

  5. A Breakthrough

    I am in need of a breakthrough. Some type of light. I have 2 small babies and I can barely take care of them. I’m doing my best. I look and apt for jobs every single day and I’ve had no luck yet. Most days I just want to give up in myself and my life. I just feel so down. I have so much I need to vent about, but I have no one to vent to. God Please help me Jesus. You know my heart and you know i need you more than ever right now. Please somebody. This depression is killing me slowly.

  6. LORD when

    Lord I need a breakthrough I desire that intercessors pray with and for me. LORD I have two pressing issues. 1st I’ve in bankruptcy & sent the payment but the servicing co sent pymt back despite having a trial mod. Bottom line they have not been above board. LORD I’m desiring that it is ur will 2 cancel all negative elements that r forming against me. 2nd I’ve been applying for jobs—- so many & it has been NO!! LORD I need you to cleanse my name & let me find favor with numerous offers! Offers!!! As professor/ educator/ principal. Lastly LORD I’m asking that a dream u placed in my heart—HAPPCS- come to pass. LORD I know my heart and motivations. With that being said, let ur will be done in JESUS’ name.

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