Prayer for a breaking relationship

by John (Oklahoma City)

my story Two years ago I was at a confusing point in my life. I prayed that I would find someone to help bring me closer to God. That is when I met a girl in church who not only brought me closer to the faith, but also helped me love myself and others. We entered a serious relationship and it was great! We loved each other and each others famalies very dearly. Recently I noticed she hadn’t been herself and long story short after talking we decided to take a break in our relationship. I am still close to God, and this is bringing me even closer. However, the reasoning of our break was so that she could find herself, and her faith. I am asking that you join me in prayer, not only for her, but also to heal our breaking relationship to fill our hearts with love, joy, and understanding. I am currently on my first day of a novena to St.Jude (5/18/17). Please pray for us. Thank you and God bless you all!