Prayer for a blessing

Dear God,

I thank you for giving me my life though it seems hard to live at times. I know in your heart you don’t want me to suffer. I try my best to not live selfishly and give you all my heart and soul. I am beat down, one step away from asking you to take me to your home.

I can sit here like many and hope and pray for financial blessings, healing, hope, strengh, health that I don;t wake up everyday in severe physical pain and go to bed in pain. Just lay there crying and praying to you to just relieve all this heartace for a day.

The worries that are in my mind, haunt me to no end. God, I need and want so deperatley to hold you and as your child feel your embrace of caring. Sweet Jesus , sweet glorious jesus keep me in your mind and heart and help me to survive this life and like others help them too. Thank you