Prayer for a Blessing of a Child

by Laura (Los Angeles CA)

Please hear my prayer. Lord, you have blessed me in so many ways and I am grateful.

You have given me strength through difficult times and shown me the true meaning of love. I am not perfect and I ask your forgiveness for my mistakes and sins. I try to learn from them and continue to work on myself. Lord, you have blessed me with children and my love for them is grand.

You have also taken a child from me and my heart mourns greatly. I know that you have a plan for me and I have accepted that all of my children are where they are meant to be, but my heart aches for a baby. Lord, I ask you to fill my heart with love again, to fill my womb in your image. I ask that you allow me to touch the softness, smell the sweetness, and see the eyes of one of your given angels. Lord, please bless me with the greatest gift known to mankind. Lord, please send me an angel. Amen.

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