Prayer for a Better Self

by Mary ()

As I enter the workplace for the first time in my life, I pray for the right approach and for a peaceful and successful transition into the workplace. I have been a homemaker for many years and have found myself in a very difficult and desperate situation. I need a good job to be able to provide for all my needs. This has proven to be very depressing and hopeless, but I know I can’t give up. I believe God can make something miraculous happen for me. Not because I deserve it, but, simply, because I have asked. I pray for the ability to pick myself up and get my life back on the right track. I have been through hell and have beaten myself up over and over about the things I allowed to happen to me. I need an abundance of confidence, peace, courage and strength to be able to enter the workplace and be successful. I am tired of the mess in my life. I am a good person and I want to have a life that will honor God. I pray for a good job that I will love and be very good at. I pray for financial, emotional and mental success and blessed with good health, peace and joy, all the days of my life. I ask for God’s abundant blessings in these things and to glorify God with my good works and intentions. In Jesus name, I pray.