prayer for a better life

I pray and ask for help that my girlfriend and I can get through the rough patch in our relationship. We are trying to get out of this horrible armpit of a town. We moved here hoping to be closer to her family, but the have all abandon her, and I am unemployed and work is sparse.

We are trying to move away, but money is tight and hard to save up. I have applied at a bunch of jobs that would pay good money, but moving there is not financially possible. I have n interview tomorrow, for a remote work camp. The money is good, but I will be away for three weeks at a time.

I think its the right thing to do, but the Girlfriend is terrified of being alone. I want her to find the strength so I can do this for our family. I dont know what else to do. She is so sad she keeps talking about wanting to die, because her family is always putting her down. Wont some one help. For her sake, she deserves more than I can offer.

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  1. Bless Them!

    Ask god to cover you in the blood of Jesus. Sounds gross, I know! But it really works. A lot of times when we pray to God, we leave out the name of his one and only son! By covering yourself with the blood of Christ (by saying it, not covering yourself with communion wine!!) you are not only spiritually cleansing yourselves and your intentions, you are claiming whatever it is you want in God’s name.
    It also sounds like you are in a rough place emotionally. Maybe seeking out the advice of a pastor or other person of faith would be the best. I’d recommend going to your nearest Methodist or Prebsybetian Church and asking a reverend or deacon for more info. Tell them your situation….they can point in the right spiritual direction. Go to service, and wait after to speak with somebody. If a longtime meber of the church greets you and welcomes you (sometimes there are members, typically older parishoners, who’s unofficial duty it is to welcome unfamiliar faces) ask them youd like to maybe speak with somebody.. You dobnt have to give anymore info than that.
    Please, do this for your peace of mind. Listen to old Tony. I am seventy one years old…I’ve had a lot of hardship and seeking out the church helps.

  2. God is good all of the time

    God is good to us. If your lady friend is very uncomfortable about her reality changing suddenly due to the actions of her family and also the fact that you will possibly be away for work related duties, then the both of you should pray together. Pray together & seek a answer from God on your decisions. Be led by God & not what you think is best for you. Allow the answers from God to bring a sense of assurance. Your issue seems very important & you don’t want to do anything to create regret. Pray day & night on this issue with a clean heart. Forgive the ignorances of those that mistreat the both of you. Do not be bitter towards anyone. Have love in your hearts for those that hurt you both. Ask God for forgiveness of your sins, repent daily & then seek the answers that you need. Be positive & not negative. Be content & not frustrated. Be willing to adapt & not just settle. Seek God & do not create your own plans. God will lead you both to a secure & positive situation. Since you called out to God in prayer, continue to pray for your entire family & for positive results. Always rebuke evil & pray for those people with evil ways. I feel that you will be blessed. Things happen in the timing of God & not in our own timing. God is good all of the time.

    Dear Lord, please bless this couple with the essentials that they need to make it on this earth. Lord please provide them with the answers & wisdom that need to feel safe & secure. Lord please help these individuals with their family issues, finding a good job, being happy, finding a good place to live, & also having the support that they need during this time of tribulations. Lord please bless this family & keep them under your protection. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and say Amen.

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