Prayer for a Better Life

by Grace ()

Dear Lord,

Last year I was framed by my jealous bosses and was forced to leave my job. Not only did I lose my job, I lost my work visa and had to return to my homeland where I haven’t lived in almost 20 years. Dealing with my anger was not easy but I knew you alone will know how to deal with those who did me wrong the best. So I continued with my life, kept applying for jobs so I may return to the US. So far, many companies love my resume, but they shy away from sponsoring me a visa. Please, Lord, I would like to return to the US with a job offer along with a visa sponsorship as soon as possible. Life back at my homeland has been horrible, I don’t fit into the society and I feel utterly alone without knowing anyone. Please help me return to the place I know and love. Thank you Lord.