prayer for a better life

by Anonymous (New York)

To God, to thank you for the joy you once bestowed on me with once dear and wonderful friends and a love I never knew could exist.

Please remove the dark cloud that has passed over me these past 10 years to restore the goodness and recover the friends and by a miracle recover the love that is lost from a person I have held close in my heart all this time. To remove the sadness and disappointments while I have the strength to resist temptation and continue in trying to be a good person despite whatever challenges come my way.

I wish for a better life with friendship, love, and the goodness all around. Thank you dear God. And thank you to the creators of this site who offer a consolation and hope for a better tomorrow through prayer.

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  1. alone

    Living the days of my life alone….though I work very hard and try to stay focused on the right path….sometimes I fail and wander off….I know the right path…but in the right path there is only me…I am all I have and with that I find myself and only myself….my family has passed and my love is gone….but yet im still here trying to cope through everyday on my own..

  2. Life questioned, 3

    All of my words written here were a summed up version of course, after reading the above prayer it was only me saying/asking/wondering if a prayer for a better life is what I need. I’ve never been a religious person, I am spiritual though, I just don’t believe anyone has the true answers to life, or us. I wish someone knew for sure. Maybe the answer would be comforting, maybe not. I am unable to give any more of myself, I have no more to give. I still work hard, mostly at trying to find a decent job, at least feel the respect I once had, that would be a enormous change in itself. I am my own worst enemy, my choices have done nothing more than hurt me & my son time & time again. I have no answers, only questions. Is life here on earth actually Hell? Is death the only way to Heaven? This world & the people in it are cruel, unforgiving, uncaring & makes you sick to see & hear the unspeakable acts done to ourselves & others. How can people have no conscience? Enjoy the cruelty they dish out to people & animals? Is there no hope? Besides death being the only escape?

  3. Life questioned, 2

    Ever since losing the only person I’ve been close to, trusted, believed in & was able to talk to without fear, I have been lost. I gave up my career in 2007 for the woman I was going to marry, moved out of state with her. A year & a half later I was back in my home state, unable to get my career back. I still bounce from job to job, I have had nothing but the worst of luck. My body abused from all the physical labor ever since I left my career. Of everything, I miss the respect I had at my old career, I have never felt that in my life, & still have not experienced it again. My son is on the wrong path, hanging out with all the wrong people. I struggle with him, he was always the most polite, caring child a parent could ever hope to have. We were as close as could be. At age 13 he changed, for the worst. His IQ is near genius, literally. He just turned 21 & still has not changed back to the son I lost a long time ago. I feel responsible for all the bad things, I could of/should of done more. Hindsight is 20/20, but for me it is nightmare after nightmare. How could I be such a good person & do so much, work so hard, give all of me to every situation & yet have it all go so bad?

  4. A life questioned

    I grew up with a life that wasn’t the worst, but also not the best. Degraded, belittled & horrible verbal abuse even into my adult life. Of course physical punishment but I think everyone got beat as a child, unlike today. Life has been filled with heavy drug & alcohol abuse since I was 12, I’m now almost 45. I don’t drink or do drugs anymore though the urge is there 24/7, it helps to relieve stress & gives some relief even if only for a short time, it’s better than no relief, but I struggle daily to not just go back to that life & hopefully succeed in leaving this world at some point. I’ve overdosed twice & somehow lived even with no medical care, I survived, never asked anyone for help & never had anyone lend a hand. I had one person in all these years that I trusted 100% without question. He hung himself a little over 2 years ago, a loss I still can’t let go of. The only person I could talk to, go to. He didn’t always have answers but us talking is all it ever took. We did that for each other, for over 25 years, helping each other, being there at all times, no questions, no fear of the other passing judgment.

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