Prayer for a better life n living situation n those around me

Dear lord I know that my cross is not even remotely as heavy as others is. But for me right now life seems to b somewhat difficult, I am beyond blessed n thankful I have a roof over my head n I have a place to live, n am grateful for that -I pray that we become financially stable enough to b able to move out of my mother in laws as soon as possible.

I pray that he may see the good in me n become more welcoming to myself like b fore, I know we have invaded her space my self n her grandchild I also pray that she find herself financially stable aswell n emotionally as well healthy enough to b able to b ok with our departure-
I also pray that my sister in law who also lives with us b more patient with her two children that in those times of anger n frustration she become consumed by the Holy Spirit n embrace love n spiritually n just that give her kids LOVE n not the opposite- I pray that everyone in this home start to learn that yelling is not communicating – as well as respecting one another-

I pray that my mother in law somehow realize that I am NURSING her grandchild n remember that I must eat every so often to b able to keeps milk production going for that is her grandchild a main source of eating. N she may b happy n actually step out of the kitchen through out he day so I may prepare a healthy meal instead of just eating cereal as to not disturb her or bother her in her space all day in the kitchen -I am grateful for the food ( cereal) you provide for me my lord thank U. I also thank you for the life of those in this home-

I understand lord that we all see life differently n lord you know my heart n what I feel I only want happiness n your word to fill this home so tht we all together can praise you n the children will b happy children n my son will see positive things growing up- –
I am grateful for the life u give me – thank you for all you do n don’t do my lord –
In Jesus name