Prayer for a better job opportunity and scholarship to go for masters degree

by Lenia Emilly (Arua, Uganda)

Dear God

I thank you for the love you have shown me since the time i was born, i was orphaned at a tender age but God you educated me. I prayed for a scholarship for my first degree you offered me one and then i prayed for a job , you offered me a series. But God the challenge i have is that there is no peace at my work place i am often tempted to disobey you and rumor monger, gossip, lie and compliant. I therefore pray that you open me another door and a better earning job were i can worship and praise you in peace. I also pray that you offer me a scholarship for my second degree that i my grow in the knowledge of serving your children. Father you are Jehovah Nessi, Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Raph, the God who knows me and who will provide my needs, I am unable on my own. The circumstances around me are difficult but God when you open a door no body closes it. I therefore pray open me the door for a better job and further studies. Your word tells me you will provide exceedingly more than we ask for and all things work together for good for they that trust in the lord. I therefore pray have mercy on me and answer my prayers.

In Jesus name i pray AMEN.

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