Prayer for a Better Job & a God Fearing Husband

by Medeline (Namibia)

I am so unhappy in my current job, I have been in the same position for the past 5 years and seeing as it is a small company there is no room for growth. My bosses get rude and mean (swearing and disrespecting) I am feeling as though I am stuck and that my life is going nowhere. Please pray for me that one of the many applications can at least be successful.

The company I work for has cash flow problems and the balance is normally in an overdraft, clients struggle with payment and the whole pressure falls solely on me as I literally have to do EVRYTHING around here, I just can’t take it anymore.

I pray for Jesus to intervene and bless me with another job before the end of my fifth year, the stress is too much to handle and besides there are no benefits, No housing, health care, housing, travelling whatsoever. I am 26 now and should have had all that in the past 5 years I am praying to get a job that will make up for all the years lost in this current job of mine in the Name of Jesus.

I have not met a decent, respectful and loving man, I am praying for the Lord to guide my God-fearing and praying husband to cross my path and remain in it, for Jesus to touch him wherever he is and to make our paths cross, to help him in whatever he may be struggling with.
When I meet this wonderful “Boaz” of mine Lord help me to notice him and know he is from You.
I get so lonely at times but I know the Lord is my Shepherd and is taking care of my every need.

Thank you for your prayers, God Bless