Prayer for A better and higher paying job.

by Sandra (Oxnard,CA, Ventura)

I am asking for a better and a higher pay,I am looking everyday and please don’t get me wrong I thank God for the job I have no but it’s not covering my bills and I don’t give up on coming across a better job. I just need some more help in prayers.I don’t want to lose faith I don’t.

I have my family that also needs prayer my grandfather that’s is my dad that is having problems with his kidneys my brother that I have not spoken to in about 5 years his wife has cancer my mom that is also feeling sick her doctor is telling that she might have heart problems, I have a boyfriend that is good to me he helps me the best he can but I don’t feel for him what he feels for me, I want the best for him. I need prayer for me so I will not lose faith.

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