prayer for a beautiful relationship leading to marriage

by Nish (Sri Lanka)

Dear Lord God, Sweet Jesus,

Mother Mary and all Saints,

I have had this beautiful relationship for almost 6 months with the guy of my dreams. He started off loving me with his whole heart. But after hearing the problems I had encountered in my life, I have felt that he is slowly moving away. I dont understand why. We have an age gap of 13 years, where I am the elder. I still love and cherish him with all my soul. I know he is the one I need to be with for the rest of my life.

My mother is also having bad thoughts against this relationship because of this age gap. Actually when she saw me talking to him one day, she was full of anger. From the following day onwards there was a disheartening from his side. I just felt it, because this has happened to so many of my relationships in the past. I know with every beat of my heart that I dont want the same to happen to this relationship.

I can feel deep down that he is the only one for me.
Please Lord, bring love into his heart and warm it enough to bring a beautiful feeling towards me and bring us back together with a setting for a wonderful marriage.

thank you my lord,
praise you my Jesus,
I love you my Jesus.