Prayer for a baby-please will you pray for us

by Jmarie (Georgia)

Please would you pray for my husband and I to conceive a child? We have been praying and trying for a long time and do not have money for expensive treatment. It is heartbreaking to think we have a chance each month and again come up with a negative.

Please God, we know it is your will for us to be fruitful and to multiply us. We want to be called mom and dad more than anything in the world by our baby. Please, will you pray for us to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby soon? thank you so very much

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  1. Prayer for baby-please

    In Gods time your prayer will be answered. He has special plan for you and your husband. Keep your faith and believe in miracles. God answer our prayers when we least expected it to happen.

    God loves you and your husband. Keep the love and faithfulness and soon your prayers will be granted.

    Keep sharing God’s love and spread the word of salvation.

    We are with you with your prayer petition.

  2. Pray for a bab

    Of course, I will, I had to take Clomiphene before I gave birth to my son now 42 years old. I know how disappointing it is when you fail to conceive. Also make a novena to St Gerard I said it every day when I was pregnant. With my second child I conceived naturally and had a good pregnancy and easy birth. My daughter gave birth 4 years ago to my beautiful grand son and she is expecting a new baby in August. Never give up hope just pray as Imwill for you and it will happen. Hope it happens for you very soon. Love and prayers Christine Mar

  3. dont lose hope

    please dont lose hope. i had my baby after almost 6 years of trying. i went through a lot of operations and depression because it was almost impossible for me to have a baby and i have no one to turn to except by praying. please pray to mother of perpetual help. keep on praying. dont give up. there is hope. dont you ever quit.

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