Prayer for a baby girl and peace of mind

by Anne (Ohio)

Dear heavenly Father,

I know that I am by far not a great Christian. I try in my way and I do have faith in you and believe in you and I t is for this reason that I come to you. My one desire at this time is to be carrying a baby girl.

This is my last pregnancy and therefore my last chance to be gifted with a baby girl. I know it seems hideous and horrible to be so set on one gender but I cannot stop myself. I have two beautiful boys and they have been more than a blessing.

I love them but dream of the chance to have a girl and share girl moments with her. I want so badly to be the mother that my own mother was with me and the type of mother that I see I n my husbands mom when I see her with her daughter. I see my sister in laws with their daughters and I become jealous of the relationships that they can have with their girls knowing that this may never be something that I have.

It hurts me and I cry. Now with this final pregnancy well under way, I find my self obsessing over my desire for a little girl. I can’t seem to come to a peace of mind. One day I am sure I have a girl and I thank you and other days I feel this heavy depression over the sense that I will never have a baby girl.

Dear lord. In your ultimate wisdom I pray that you will bless me with a girl and that I will have those moments I so desire. I also pray that you will help me come to a peace o f mind so that I can quit obsessing and so that I can continue my pregnancy at peace. Thank you.