Prayer for a Baby and Financial Provision

by Lashawn (Pembroke Pines, FL)

In Jesus name please bless me to conceive a baby and be pregnant and carry my baby for nine months, and have a healthy baby. And lord Jesus please help me and bless me financial with a lot of money so that i can provide for my children; bless me to buy my children school clothes, school supplies, clothes, shoes, and whatever my children need. And God/Jesus please me to buy myself some clothes, shoes, and pay all my bills off and especially to pay Aaron’s off so my furniture can be paid off in full so that i don’t have to worry about Aaron’s no more. And lord Jesus Christ i pray that i will find me a good paying career job that have good benefits. I pray that i can be able to buy me a brand new van for children and me to get around. And lord please bless me to buy me my own home to call my on so that me and my children could live in a big beautiful house so we can love and call our own. And Father God in the name of Jesus please bless me to get Married and have a big beautiful wedding and i will afford it. And lord Jesus please bless my 6 years old son to walk in the name of Jesus. And lord please bless all my 3 children and my other babies yet to come in Jesus name. And lord Jesus please bless me to be a good mother, woman, and wife, to my children and my boyfriend that will soon be my husband in Jesus name. And bless my boyfriend that will soon be my husband to be a good father to my children. And please lord bless me to become an actress because becoming an actress is my dream and lord i will become an actress and i will be acting playing in movies and television shows in the name of Jesus. Lord please bless my life and so i can do right by you lord in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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