Prayer for a 9 Year Relationship

Father of forgiveness, love and compassion, I have been in my relationship for nearly 9 years. Trust, control and selfishness has been our biggest demons. I have tried my best to be understanding, loving and forgiving with him but he rarely reciprocates. In his eyes, I am the one who is usually accused and at fault and he is always the victim.

I am thankful for all the wonderful blessings you have brought in my life most especially in my daughters’. I am in need of your help. Please help him and I in repairing and healing our relationship. Bring him closer to you Father and instill in him patience, forgiveness, understanding, compassion and kindness. Help him to be a family man; remove selfishness, self-centeredness, control and resentment from his mind and soul. Let him know and feel how much we all love and need him. Let him know and feel how important family is over friends. But most of all, let him feel what we feel when he is unkind and mean toward me and my daughters.

Finally my loving Father, please forgive me of all my sins as I know I am not perfect. I forgive him for all that he has said and done unto me. Instill in me and in him love, respect, compassion, understanding and kindness in each other. Help turn our unhappiness into joy, peace and love for one another. Unity as a family. I love you Father with all my heart and soul and I leave in your hands my request because I believe and have faith in you always.