Prayer for a 25 year old college student

by Alexis ()

My name is Alexis Johnson. I need prayer. I’m 25 years old and still unclear of my life. I’m getting a rough start on my career. It feels like I’ve been in college forever (because from the beginning I wasn’t taking it serious). I’m now taking it serious but it seems like I’m unable to truly make something out of my life. I’m not feeling to just work for someone after college for the rest of my life (building someone else’s dream). I want to be a stay at home business woman for a good reason. I’ve seen my mother work for a company and she came home exhausted and tired. She made her job her absolute life. This made her become a dull wife and very strict mother. She wasn’t happy. And she still is not honestly. I’m praying for exact clarity and to be placed before this year is over directly in front of someone that has no problem helping me accomplish my goals. Someone that’s directly sent from God himself to help me. Whether I meet them in a super market grocery store line, in the mall or even on the street on a leisure stroll. Lord, I need someone that can give me the blueprint necessary for generations from me to prosper. I don’t want this only for myself but I want to reverse the curse on my family. I want generational wealth to come from my bloodline. I want to complete school by Fall 2020 so I can finally get started on my life for once. I’ve been working and going to school and living with a disease society deems as incurable. In the name of Jesus, I will find my healing. I don’t know the time, place or date but I know someone somewhere is going to come lay hands on me and I will receive my blessing. I need this healing in order to finally move on and forget my past. Thank you jesus. I need a blessing today. Amen.

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