Prayer fleeing an abusive relationship and afraid

Dear Loving God, I know you have me safely in the palms of your hands, and I have felt you leading me to safety. Despite this urgent call to flee a dangerous situation, the closer I come to actually leaving, the more frightened I become.

I ask you to guide me, but also Lord, please, give me strength, courage and hope. Open up doors for me and protect me and my kids, keep us always in your Light and Love, and as trepidation paralyzes me, give me a gentle nudge to move forward and not freeze up in fear. I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Dear Father, please make this transition go as smoothly as possible, unblock the obstacles that I perceive to be preventing me from living a safe and healthy life. Thank you, in advance, Loving Father, for all the blessings and beauty you bestow upon your people.

Thank you for bringing me out of the darkness and into the Light. Praise to you Lord, for all your ways are good. I love you.