Prayer believing that God will heal my borther-in-law who is in ICU with ruptured appendicts and blood clot in the lung.

by Carolyn (Lexington,KY)

I believe in faith in God and believe that prayer can change any situation. Lord its so hard to keep faith when things look so grim. I pray for our strength as a family to stay focused on your word and know that your word says where there are a two or more gathered together in your name there you will be in them midst. Lord I know your word says by YOUR stripes we are healed and I believe that with all my heart. Help us to realize man, doctors might say one thing but your word says that power is in the blood. We believe in your healing power that our loved one will be renewed to good health. I believe in this for our loved one and others who are suffering as well. Lord we just give these life threatening situations over to you and trust you for the healing. Thank you Lord for being our rock, thank you for allowing us to be dependent because we can do nothing without you. Lord we thank you and ask these request in your sons Jesus name. Amen

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