Prayer at time of illness

Dear Lord and Mary, Mother of God, please pray with me for my family. My husband’s father has been your faithful servant all his life and has always put others before himself. Now he has a large tumour and we are waiting for test resuls to see if anything can be done. Thank you for all the loyal friends and family who have been supporting us at this time. Please let his tumour be treatable so that he might live and know the joy of grandchildren. Please keep my husband strong, although I know he is devastated inside and help him to remeber that the Lord is watching over all of us. Please be with his mother too, as she faces the possibility of losing her husband of 40 years. Keep her positive and please let her know your love. Thankyou for all those who are caring for us at this sad and stressful time. I pray for your mercy and that our family will emerge from this waking nightmare to love and praise God even more. Thankyou, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen