Prayer asking God Almighty to heal and cure my father

by Anthony (Brockton, USA)

Lord Jesus Christ my father in Heaven, blessed be thy name and the dwelling of peace and comfort. Please My Dear God, my father in Heaven bless and heal, and cure your son and my father on earth who is sick and fighting for his life and health in the hospital. In you I have always reposed my soul, trust, and faith to guide my family at all hours of hardship, or as we move steadfast through the valley of the shadow of death within the blanket of your mercy. Though I have never doubted your existence, love and mercy, my humanistic fears often attempt to besiege me. But gracefully, your your responses to my plight always reaffirms the perpetual love that you have for my family. Blessed be thy name and your loving mercy in protecting and healing those who are ill. Please protect, heal and cure my father who loves and worship you our Lord father in Heaven so that he can continue to praise the truth of your healing powers.