prayer asking for help

by Richelda (Philippines)

Lord,I love you and I thank you for your blessings. Lord,I am knocking on You… I need Your help oh Lord our God. Please save our home from foreclosure. We are in need of financial blessing to help pay our bills,I have lot of loans to pay. Please help me free in all our debts.

I ask Lord that my husband gets a job abroad,the health for my 3 kids, my mom, brothers and sister.I am also asking your help, guidance and blessing for my kids that they will become successful in their lives.

I know Lord that playing lottery is againts your will,but I do promise that if if I win in this game,I will help to those who are in need.Please God,please answer my prayers. Please bless me financially my Lord, our God.

Thank you, and thank you.

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