Prayer Asking for Help in Financial Struggles

by Kate (Chicago, IL USA)

Please God. My husband has worked since he was 14. At 57 he can’t seem to earn a living. Our lives have been very blessed over the years and I took for granted all the times I was able to just write a check or pull out a credit card. I see how I wasted money back then. I wasted food too. Now that there is very little to eat in our home I have learned how to use absolutely everything without wasted. The past 3 years have really opened my eyes and made me a different person. Please God let there be peace in our lives again. Help us pay our bills and please God, help us save our home from foreclosure. Please bless us once again and I will never take your goodness for granted again. I promise to praise you and thank you the rest of my life. Please have mercy on us Lord.

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