Prayer Asking for Help and Praying for Me

by Barbara (Virginia)

Saints, please pray for me. I am facing a serious transition in my life. Pray that God will help me thru

this sad time. Pray that He will allow me to examine
myself so I can understand things I’ve done wrong in
my life. These wrongdoings have cost me my marriage.
I have mismanaged funds and I have not been a very
good spouse. Pray that God will help my ex-husband
forgive me for all the wrong I have done to him and
for all the pain I have caused him in our marriage.
Pray that God will help him to heal.

Also Saints, please pray that God will lead me to
a job that will allow me to make a new life for me
and allow me to provide for my son. Pray that my son
will remember that even though his dad and I did not
make it, we both love him and will continue to love
him. Thank you for your prayers.