Prayer Asking for God’s healing power

by Paula (Whittier, Ca)

My fiance is 36 yrs old and just found out that he has a number of serious health issues. He just had brain surgery to have a brain tumor removed. Thankfully it was benign, but along with it we find out he has cyrrhosis of the lover, caused by fat lover tissue. He is not a drinker at all nor drug user.

The liver is failing him due to the meds he is being given now he has highly elevated ammonia levels and low potassium count due to this. It’s to the point he is back in the hospital with a tube down his throat to help him breathe. On top of all this he has diabetes. Which is also being affected by the meds he is on.

I’ve been praying every chance I get. I have been doing my best in taking care of him. But now on top of the health issues, which I forgot to add he also has had a few seizures the last couple of months. Now the insurance he has won’t work with us. I’m losing faith. I keep doing my best to hold on to God and trust in him. But it seems that if it’s not one thing is another. I don’t see progress in his health. And can’t help but feel that God is not on our side.

I need help with prayer to help me keep my faith. I need prayer for my fiance to get better so we can continue to plan our life together. Seeing him in the situation he is in is killing both of us.

God answered in having him come out well from the brain surgery. He also answered in having the tumor benign now I need him to make his recovery easier and actually happen before I lose the faith I have.

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