Prayer Asking for forgiveness

by Michelle (Dronfield)

I would like to pray for forgiveness and repent all the wrongs doings I have done, I pray that I can cleanse my soul and move on from the dark thoughts and selfishness that they bring.

I pray for the strength to rediscover the person i was so that I can be there to give strength, comfort, guidance and love to others as I used to.

I give praise for the people already in my life, my family and friends but I ask that the Lord helps me find a way to win back the love of my life who is scared and confused.

I pray that he will find peace and strength to overcome any heart ache I caused him so that he can open his heart to me again and we can together find peace and love as God intended as I feel in my heart we are made for each other and if that is true, then God made us for each other and I pray to him that he reunite us.

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  1. forgiveness

    As you know Jesus died for our sins, so if you repent in Jesus name you will be forgiven by your heavenly father. I know it’s more complicated with people since love from humans isn’t as unconditional as our Father God. Hopefully they will remember what Jesus said when asked how many times should we forgive? He said 70 times 7.
    Hopefully they will remember the reasons they fell in love with you, and as they think about those reasons they will realize they they don’t want to lose you.Stay focused on Jesus, have faith and you will have victory. Be blessed, I hope it all goes well.

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