Prayer and In Need of healing

by Paula (617 Naples Ave South Leigh Acres Fla. 33974)

Hello, My name is Paula and I suffer from 26 health problems. The main ones is my Heart and lungs I’m here now writing you for prayers for my heart and lungs. I’m dieing from them. I’m in pain a lot to always sick I’m 51 years but I’m at the point where only I feel Jesus can cure me no one else but him. And I’m beliving and I would like for others to belive with me. I feel it so strong that he is my answer.

No one else can do this only him. and I have seen him do so many good things and I feel I need back up lol, when two or more come together he is in the mist. I truly belive that . I have had what I call attack of my heart today . From 1 00 Am until now its 5 21pm but I’m here now beliving in his healing Prowers in Jesus name Amen and Amen Thanks

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