Prayer and donation request for debt relief

by James (San Diego)

I have credit card debt and it could affect alot of things in my goal planning if it is not taken care of soon enough. Fortunately, I have no other kinds of debt and my credit rating is good. Yet I’m worried in case I have to move or have no work, job loss, etc..I simply want to pay my CC debt down fast, such as double payments, etc..

Please pray for my financial turn around and if you can donate anything, $1,$2, $5, or anything to my paypal address:

[email protected]

In advance, I can’t really thank anyone enough for your support, prayers & kindness.

In Jesus, I thank you all, amen.

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  1. Prayer and Donation

    We need God’s guidance on my brother’s issue instead of being judgemental. Prayer without works is worthless

  2. Don't lose hope

    Life is hard and sometimes asking a favor especially money will raise some eyebrows. I’m facing financial crisis just like you. But don’t lose hope… the Lord will provide and will give you wisdom how you will be free from the bondage of cc debt.You will be in my prayers.

  3. James Answer to a reply post (PLEASE READ)

    I am sorry that someone has decided to speak for all others out that I should not receive any donations.

    Apparently, if someone like me got into trouble alone, that I have to get out of it alone according to this poster?

    Of course I’m responsible for getting into this problem. However, the bible does have a verse that says: “ask and you shall receive.”

    Also, I do not see my post as a “pity party” or a “get rich” scheme.

    I was simply asking for help.

    I honestly do not do drugs, nor do I try to spend money foolishly.

    Because of this I will remove my post soon and now ask that NO MONEY BE DONATED TO ME at this site.

    My situation is real and it does hurt me. However, It is not my intention to hurt anyone by asking of help (prayers), or especially money.

    I appologize if my first post offended anyone.

    Hopefully, this entire thread and post will be removed soon.

  4. Don't Send This Person Money

    This site is for prayer not your debt relief. If you want debt relief ask GOD to direct you to a SECOND JOB. You created you debt, so you should pay. Don’t attempt to take advantage of God’s People. I pray you recieve direction.

    Do NOT send them money!!!

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