Prayer againsts interfering in laws

by Rachel (Tulsa Oklahoma)

my husband almost lost us in a deadly crash due to a drunk driver i was five months pregnant and almost lost our daughter my 2nd to oldest hit her head and is suffering from seizures due to it my 2 year old severed her kidney and liver and was hanging on to a thread of life my family prayed and we all came out the hospital alright he spared all our lives 🙂

i thought this would increase our love but unfortunately the devil had other plans after we were healed now his family is attacking us from all angles to break us apart my husband is not a all religious he thinks he only needs to be when he needs something ive been at my moms for 2 months and he abandon us here because he says he hates my family its hard trying to deal with a relationship over the phone i don’t know what to please pray for me

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