Prayer againsts Financial Debt & Staying Focus on God & not my issues

by April (Jacksonville)

Dear God; you knew my prayer before I even submitted it. I will get straight to the point in the past I’ve made some mistakes on using the money you bless me with. More than usual I’m in order with my prioties but; I recently became sick and was out of touch with reality and splurged, spended and did not watch or calculated the debt I occured!

I blame no one but; myself so in knowing it was self who did it I need You Lord to help me fix it!So I pray for just enough not much more than what I need to get out of debt and be more cautious of my spending and praying more for your help to do so.

So Lord if you grant me a money blessing I promise to pay every debt off with what I have and work on what I don’t have but; I will not obtain more! I also ask you keep me and my daughter focused on you and not the world help us make our relationship with you stronger because we know where our help comes from! We love you and Thank you for life, health and wealth, strength and forgivness.

And we rebuke the enemie in His plans as they are void and no weapon formed agasint us shall prosper we are winners not loosers and failure is not a word we embrace. So, right now Lord send a “right now” blessing let it come sooner than we could imagine as well as our relationship with you come sooner than we can imagine. We can’t fix this only you can; so do it right now! and Lord encamp your angels around us to give us the peace of mind we need until it comes! We love you and Thank you and we know it is done! AMEN!