Prayer against the Destruction of Tribe of Judah (negros)

by Judah Levi Benjamin ()

Prayer against the script written for my life before my birth by the Catholic church, the Red Leper of Hades, The queen of glass, the king of the pine cone, the ceremida and the swine, and the worm… the chemical spider 13. The hijacking of urea to create a human mine that has hollowed out my body for the sake human sacrifice. The secret war waged on Negroes by white supremacy. Prayer that the world comes to knowlege that the 13 familes have built a web for the soul that drinks the blood of Gods angel who God sent as a testimony. God say, Esau, I have hated you from the beginning and Jacob have I Loved. The world eyes are opening to who Judah really is…the victim of 100,000,000 murderers at the hand of the en slaver-the African, the European and Mammon and Sarky the cannibal. The Nazerene is canteened in America, pretreated at birth, injected with cyanides and gaso-bacillus, aluminum and cupuric acid an a nanodworms are injected to bring about slow cooking to produce Micronesia or crystals in the body to pay a white mans debt. Judgement is upon Hawaii and the Nations will follow in receipt for chit nation of those called Judah. Hell is never satisfied and Kronus eats his own. The song of Judea/ Lamentations of the Negro in the day of the coming of the Lord. Have mercy on Judea, my father David. Have mercy on those called by your name. We bow down heavy, King of Kings. Who smites Christ and hung him on a tree… who has said God is blind he does not see but it is he that sees the barbarian dressed in human clothes whose loins are deadly rocks of death whose heart is molten stone he makes feast of Negro blood, not knowing he has prepared a table before God of his own flesh. My Jehovah laughs at You, egg laying viper… go tend your spawn of your Dante gift.

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