Prayer Against Satan in My Life

(new zealand)

I have been in a situation where my life has come to a standstill. The satanic attack in my life has snatched everything away from me my marriage, my child who is now in foster care, my career and my entire identity. I have been battling serious issues. The story is full of cover-up, lies, and false witnesses.

It makes me very angry to see the guilty walk past me and living in my midst while I walk around as if I was the guilty one. Every attempt to bring the truth to light failed as the truth got twisted down the line. High level corruption in this case up to a system level where police, government officials, doctors have a vital role to play in perverting the course of truth and justice in this high profile case. I have been accused of crimes I never committed with false witnesses being bribed. I pray to Virgin Mary the Holy Mother of the Son of God to steer me in the right direction and to open every door that has been closed to bring every such truth out and such justice to me met out to such offenders. My prayer request is to have the Holy Spirit to help me make the correct decisions pertaining to my case. Also pray that Lord send honest and powerful people to help me with the case and the culprits be brought to justice. There have been threats made on my life. I also ask for protection for myself, my daughter, my mother, my brother and my sister in law and niece. I ask the Lord to fill me up with the Holy Spirit and to remove every obstacle from my way that the Lord has chosen me for, to make me obedient and humble, to fill me with his mighty wisdom, unshakable faith and divine grace to help me finish every incomplete task that the devil is trying to obstruct including getting my social work degree and paper work pertaining to my legal case and help me reunite with my daughter. I ask the Lord, Virgin Mary and Her Son to be by my side when I am testifying the truth in the court and every such lie and cover up is unfolded and revealed to the authorities working on this case. May the Holy Spirit lead and guide me. May the truth win.

May He grant me all success with all that I plan to do. May I get my daughter back safely. May the Lord help me win this battle, in the name of His Son Jesus I ask. Amen. Help me move to a house where I find peace and tranquillity. Help me get admission into a good university and complete my social work degree successfully. Be with my mother, daughter, brother, sister-in-law, niece and brother and ask for their constant protection. Keep my mothers blood pressure stable. Pray that I may get all the help required to achieve all my plans. Pray that I may come out victorious. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen. May this case that has been going on for past seven years come to an end soon.

My request is for mighty prayers for my deliverance and my mother, brother, daughter and I be cured of all the ailments and problems we are encountering in our day to day lives Amen. Pray for my mothers good health. Pray for a good job for my brother who has just finished his Doctorate.

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    I am going through a similar situation where legal issues have impacted every aspect of my life from family, to work, to personal goals. I also hope that the individuals who keep the truth can admit their part in my issues. Let the truth set me free. Reading your story has inspired me to continue to keep God in my life, keep the faith & to trust in the Lord. Thank you. Found this prayer, hope it helps you…Dear Lord, Help me to let go and let You. Urge me to let go of my impatience and to open my heart to Your Loving Patience. Remind me, Lord, of the Holy Benefits when I let go and let you take over.

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