Prayer against my husband’s alcoholism

Lord Please help my husband see that there is more to life then drinking. He is a wonderful Person, Father, strong work ethics, & provides for for his family on a daily. That’s his only weakness, DRINKING! I pray that he stops drinking & enjoys what you have blessed us with… Life, marriage, our children, & our home.

Thank you for everything that you have blessed us with.

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  1. same situation

    My husband also has this problem and its coming between us…need prayers desperately….

  2. My Drinking

    To those who have spouses who drink : I was there ! It interfered with my wife children and job. By The grace of God I knew there was a problem and got help. I went for outpatient rehab and never looked back ! Its been 5 years, I don’t miss drinking and don’t want to drink ! My life and relationships are back to normal. Your spouse needs to know the destruction they are creating. As with me and the other problem drinkers (Alchoholics) Get help, admit you have a problem, especially before your hurt , injure or kill someone ! This is the way I learned i hade a problem ! Luckily I never hurt someone, God watched over me. I will pray for you that your spouse gets help.

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