Prayer against Miscarriage and the Barren Womb

by Chinyere (MI)

Jesus and The Holy Spirit and I am asking for a miracle concerning my womb. The devil took two babies from me last month in October. he killed my babies LORD! I am so distraught as I thought everything will be okay. LORD please heal all our wombs and restore what the devil has took from us. Father me and my husband will love for you to give us the Fruit of the womb and womb that is able to carry to term. Lord please Jesus take the miscarrying womb away from me. LORD I need thee. I am also in torment in my mind and think evil of the Holy Spirit and you daily which I do not want going over 3 yrs now.I am tired and need a miracle for me and my family in Jesus name Amen! Thank you LORD I love you!

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