Prayer against lies, deceit and wrongdoing

by Jacquelyn ()

Prayers for my children Jaxon and Cole Morlang whose father is filled with evil and darkness and fills their heads with lies and deception and spanks them if they don’t speak his lies and deception. I’m praying for the means and strength to get them away from him forever. I finally found the strength and courage to get away from his abuse, physical, mental, emotional and financial. But now I need to help my children have the same strength and courage. He is very good at gaslighting and brainwashing, I was brainwashed for 4 years into thinking he was helping me by isolating me and calling me names and the physical abuse and the cheating he did and then gaslighted me about, but now that he has no influence over me anymore, he has moved on to my children and I refuse to let them suffer. I need your help Lord, please fill me with all your strength and wisdom and understanding and love, so I can do whatever I have to do to make sure he no longer has any influence over them and they no longer have to live in fear of him. I never want my son to have to lie to me again in his father’s presence, cuz he is terrified of him and what he might do to him if he tells me the truth. I never want to see that look of fear in my baby’s eyes regarding that man again. He is a precious baby and he has done nothing to deserve that from anyone, let alone his father. Please Lord, I’m begging for your help and guidance, please point me in the right direction, please give me the way and means to defeat this man. To send him running in the opposite direction of my boys and never let them have to be subjected to his evil doing again, I beg of you, Lord, Amen.

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